Thing 23: The end


I have to admit I am finding it difficult keeping up to date with all the social networking sites I have joined over the past 23 blogs. Having all of the sites laid out beside each other on the desktop of my iPad makes it easier for me to scroll through each one individually but that’s as far as I have gone in the way of using any sort of social media management tool. I decided to use Hootsuite one of the recommendations given by Niamh. I added Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, I had a bit of difficulty adding Google+ but I am sure after some time playing around with the tool I will figure it out and I was unable to find WordPress as an added social media. At first glance the tool seems a little overwhelming, however as I explore further into the site I’m finding useful tools and gadgets. One of the tools included is ‘Streams’ which gives the user the opportunity to send a message or attach an article and post it on multiple sites through Hootsuite without the hassle of going into each media site and reposting it individually. So far I have used this tool to post a twenty minute video on libraries, I found in the Guardian, to both LinkedIn and Twitter. It also has an analytical tool which evaluates the progress of your different media sites unfortunately you need fifty points to avail of this tool and currently I am on zero points. This does however give me the drive to learn more about the site if only for the points. I think it may take me awhile to get used to the layout of the dashboard, but like everything that will come with time and the thoughts of being able to keep all my social media sites that relate to work in one place is brilliant.

I just wanted to say, before I finish Rudai23, how much fun I had being involved in this course. I learned so much and it opened up so many new technologies and showed me new ways of reaching the public. It was a great course, difficult at times but it wouldn’t have been worth it if it wasn’t a bit challenging. Thank you to all for organising.


2 thoughts on “Thing 23: The end

  1. Congratulations on finishing the course Emer, It was a pleasure to read your blog posts. Hopefully you’ll keep blogging. Thank you for your kind words also, I’m glad there was a bit of challenge in it without being too difficult.

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